Worship with us this Sunday at St.Paul’s.

Christmas with St. Paul’s

Fri. December 24, 6pm – Family Church Christmas Eve

(in-person and online)

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Fri. December 24, 9pm – Christmas Eve Communion

(in-person and online)

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Sat. December 25, 10am – Carols and Prayers at Home

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Sun. December 26, 10am – Holy Communion

(in-person and online)

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  9pm – Christmas Communion (in person* and online)

This Advent at St. Paul’s, we’re doing a few different things that we hope will help people remember, or perhaps come to appreciate for the very first time, all that we have to look forward to, not only as we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ birth but as we await his ultimate return.

It is so important to us that families with younger children be able to connect with the promises of Advent, and especially those families for whom attending worship in person is particularly challenging these days.

To help, we’re offering a series Advent ONLINE Family Church gatherings.

There will be games and stories and discussions led by Rev. Dan McMullen (our Kids Club and Youth Group leader) and Advent traditions, music and prayer prepared for the whole family to enjoy.

Families can join us live online for this series starting at 6:15pm this Sunday by following the Zoom link below.

CLICK HERE for “Advent Online Family Church” Sundays in Advent 6:15pm

Nov. 26th, Dec. 3rd,10th,17th at 7:30pm

Advent is the season of anticipation during which Christians for centuries have prepared to celebrate both the once and future arrival (or “advent”) of Jesus the Messiah. We know that our preparations during this season are meant to go deeper than just getting ready for Christmas presents and parties, but with so much going on at this time of year it can be difficult to set aside the time we need to really prepare our selves spiritually.

Through this series of Evening Prayer gatherings featuring the music of Handle’s “Messiah” we hope to provide you with exactly the time and space that you need to be still and to reflect on God’s goodness surrounded by beautiful music and fed by the sacred words of Scripture. Whether you are familiar with the music of Handle’s Messiah or not, this time of prayerful listening will bring you in touch with some of God’s deepest promises for you and for the world and will prepare you not only for Christmas but a deeper and fuller experience of God’s goodness and love.

You can join us in person at St. Paul’s or live online by following the link below.

CLICK HERE to “Listen to ‘Messiah’ in the Dark” with us live online, Friday evenings in Advent at 7:30pm

Why We Should Read the Prophets during Advent

Christmas is great, and faithfully celebrating the story and miracle of Jesus’ birth is a really wonderful way to both root our lives in the love of God, and to help make the goodness and love of God known to others. But really, the season of Advent was never just about getting ready for Christmas. The original purpose of Advent has always been to help us get ready for Jesus’ return and for the fulfillment of God’s kingdom on earth. One really powerful way to do that is by prayerfully reading the words of the Hebrew prophets who first foretold the coming of the Messiah.

Reading the prophets during Advent can help us focus on three really important things as we prepare for Jesus’ kingdom:

  1. the depths of God’s concern for everything that’s still wrong with the world,
  2. God’s call to come back to him in repentance and trust.
  3. God’s promise of restoration for both his people and the rest of creation through the Messiah.

During this Advent season, you’re invited to join us every Thursday morning from 10am to 11am (in person and/or online) starting Nov. 25th, as together we read the Advent prophets and prepare, not just for Christmas, but for Jesus Christ and his kingdom.

Each session will include:

  • A short video segment from the Bible Project
  • A free and open discussion about a short passage of scripture taken from the prophets Jeremiah, Malachi, Zephaniah, Isaiah, and Micah
  • And Time to pray for one another and for what we’ve learned together from the Advent Prophets

You can join us in person (with proof of vaccinations) at St. Paul’s or live online by following the link below.

CLICK HERE to read the Advent Prophets with us live online, Thursday mornings in Advent at 10am

Whether it’s in-person or online, the people of St. Paul’s are passionate about gathering together for worship, fellowship, prayer and to help one another grow in our experience of God’s goodness and love, and we’re committed to keeping one another safe whenever and wherever we gather.

Proof of Vaccination at St. Paul’s

Proof of vaccination is required from all those wishing to attend worship in person at St. Paul’s. Children who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated, who have just become eligible to be vaccinated and/or who are in the process of being vaccinated are exempt from this requirement as well as anyone who is able to provide proof of a medical exemption. Once we have confirmed your COVID-19 vaccination status we will not be asking to see proof of your status again.

Please know that we remain 100% committed to ministering to you regardless of your vaccination status. If you are not vaccinated and have not received a formal medical exemption but still want to receive Holy Communion, we can bring it to you. If you need our prayers or need our help in any way, please let us know. We are here for you.

How to Provide Your Proof of Vaccination

There are three ways you can provide us with your proof of vaccination.

1. You can email the parish office (stpauls-hampton@outlook.com) with an electronic copy of your proof of vaccination. Once we have confirmed your vaccination status in our parish records we will then permanently delete this email in order to protect your private medical information.

2. You can visit the parish office in person with proof of your vaccination status Monday through Thursday from 9am to noon.

3. You can bring proof of your vaccination status with you to worship on Sunday.

If you have any questions or concerns about our vaccination policy please do not hesitate to reach out us. You and your input are extremely valuable to us.

(506) 832-3375

Did you miss worship this Sunday?

You can still connect with us in worship using our ‘Worship with St.Paul’s’ video stream posted below.

Click HERE to go to our YouTube channel to see all our videos. While you’re there, hit the big red ‘subscribe’ button so that you can get all of our videos as soon as they are uploaded.

We hope that wherever you are, these gatherings for worship and prayer will help you draw close to God and grow in your relationship with him.

Cemetery Service for All Souls

For generations members of our community have laid their love ones to rest in the grounds around St. Paul’s, and year after year they return to our cemetery in order to remain close to those they love in spite of their passing.

In that same spirit, on October 30th at 11am, St. Paul’s will be hosting a special service of remembrance and thanksgiving for all those laid to rest in the St. Paul’s cemetery.

One very special moment in the service will be the Rose Ceremony during which family members and friends can have the name(s) of their loved one(s) read aloud as a rose is offered in their memory.

If you have a loved one whose name you would like to have included in the rose ceremony, please contact the parish office by October 25th to let us know.

Office Administrator: stpauls-hampton@outlook.com Phone: (506) 832-3375

An offering will also be collected to support the ongoing preservation and maintenance of St. Paul’s cemetery.

*Please note that proof of vaccination and masks will be required to attend this service in person. Thank you for your cooperation understanding.