Confirmation Course

The ancient tradition of Confirmation can be a powerful experience in the life of a Christian and an important step in their ongoing journey of discipleship and following Jesus.

Over a series of several online (and hopefully a few in-person) sessions, participants in this Confirmation course will have the opportunity to develop a deeper and more mature engagement with the person, mission, teachings and practices of Jesus and his disciples.

Led by a team of local clergy and lay leaders from several Anglican parishes in our region, this course also provides participants the chance to connect with a wider community of faith which will be there to support them as they consider and prepare for Confirmation and well beyond the completion of this course.

Most sessions will take place between 7:00pm and 8:30pm Sunday evening.

For more information, and/or to register, please contacting Rev. Dan McMullen –

Province Moves to Alert Level 3

On Thursday, the premier announced that the province will move to COVID Alert Level 3 tonight (Friday Jan 14th) at 11:59pm.

This means worship at faith venues will be restricted to outdoor, virtual, or in-car religious services beginning Saturday January 15th.You can review what these new measures mean for churches like St. Paul’s HERE.

With this move to alert level 3, Worship with St.Paul’s will be held exclusively ONLINE this Sunday and until such time as the province returns to level 2 of the COVID-19 alert system.

We’re very sorry for what this means for our members and friends for whom online worship isn’t an option. If that includes you, please know that we are still here for you and would love to connect in whatever ways we can under these new measures.

One option that a few of us have found mildly effective has been to call our friends who aren’t online and to put them on speaker phone next to our computers so they can at least hear the service. If there’s someone you know who isn’t online but who you think might like to hear the service, give them a call and asked them if this arrangement might work for them.

And if any of you need someone to talk to and/or pray with or anything else, please reach out to us and give us call. We may not be able to gather the way that we’d like, but we can still be there for each other.

Email –
Phone – (506) 832-3375

Those who are able to join us online this Sunday can logon to the Worship with St. Paul’s at the Zoom link below.
Zoom link for ‘St. Paul’s Sunday Gathering:

As has been our custom lately, we’ll start with Online Coffee Time at 9:30, followed by a service of Moving Prayer at 10am.

In meantime, God bless you, stay safe, and we hope to see lots of you on Sunday.