These, according to the Gospel of John, are some of Jesus’ very first words to some of his very first disciples: “Come and see.”

Actually, his very very first words to them can sound somewhat less inviting until you understand the situation. The very first thing Jesus says to the first two people who choose to follow him is “What do you want?”. That’s because they had been following him for some time in weird and awkward silence, not saying a thing.

“What do you want?” Jesus finally says to them, “Teacher,” they respond, “where are you staying?” by which, again very awkwardly, they mean “can we hang out with you?”

Jesus’ first disciples were looking for someone. They were looking for the Messiah. They were looking for the one whom God would send to change things; to change their lives and to change the lives of their people. The reason they started following Jesus, as awkward as is it may have been, was that someone they trusted very much told them that he was the one who would change their lives.

And that, most often, is how discipleship starts. People who are looking for change are told by someone they trust to find out more about Jesus. Then, usually with a certain amount of amount of awkwardness, they try to find out more. They check out something like Alpha, or start reading the Bible, or maybe reading it again. At some point in that often very awkward process, Jesus himself speaks to them and invites them to come and see whether or not he is the one who can change their lives. When it comes to making disciples for Jesus, there are no arguments or ad campaigns or even sermons or multimedia worship services that can compete with the power of a simple and honest invitation to come and see.

I hope you can join us this Sunday as we explore together the transformative power of this simple invitation to come and see.

Youth Update

Youth groups will resume in January on the following dates:

15 January – Senior Youth Group will meet at the home of Rev. Dan in Apohaqui at 4:00 pm
16 January – 6:00 pm Elementary Youth Group will meet at the Bloomfield Hall
16 January – 7:30 pm Middle School Youth Group will meet at the Bloomfield Hall

Winter Duty Schedule

We are looking for volunteers for all ministries during the winter Season Jan-Mar.  There is a sign-up chart of the back of the church, sign up online, or contact the church office to sign up.


2016 01 16 St Paul’s News