“Does God Heal Today?” “What about the Church?”  These are the final two questions we’ll be exploring as we complete our Summer Alpha Series.

We will be exploring the first of these questions, “Does God Heal Today?”, onSaturday night, September 10th at 7pm. This special Saturday night Alpha session will, as always, include a brief film on the topic followed by a time of small group discussion and include a time of informal prayer and worship. Everyone is welcome to attend, even those who haven’t been able to make it to the other Alpha Film Series discussions.

Then on Sunday morning we will conclude our summer Alpha series by exploring the question “What about the Church?”

If you have found this series helpful and would like to help us make the Alpha experience available to others in our community (in particular friends and neighbours who don’t typically go to church) then please let me know. We are putting together an Alpha Team (kinda like the ‘A-team’) to help organize another Alpha series this Fall. There will be a brief information session following this Sunday’s morning service about the Fall Alpha series. This will also be an opportunity for people to sign-up for the Alpha team training morning taking place on Saturday, September 17 at Trinity Anglican Church in Saint John, from 10am to 1pm. Lunch will be provided!

If you are not able to make it to the information session on Sunday but would like to get involved, or even just want to find out more, please let me know.


Rev. David “Mr. T” Turner

September 25th is Back to Church Sunday.

Back to Church Sunday is an opportunity for all of us to be intentional about inviting others to church. If going to church, and more importantly being part of the church is something we value why wouldn’t we invite others to come and check it out?
We’ve printed some attractive invitation cards which you can personalize and give to those who you’d like to invite. And as we will have gone back to our usual two services by the 25th you will also want to write on their invitation the time of the service to which you would like to bring them. It’s amazing what can come from a simple invitation.


Saturday Oct. 1
10 am-4:30 pm
Church of the Resurrection
Grand Bay-Westfield.
Cost is $10 to cover lunch.

This is open to all youth leaders, volunteers, clergy, Sunday School teachers or anyone else interested. Workshops include Mission and Youth and Sports vs. Church, Youth Panel and a keynote speaker. Contact Jason Smith at yigfton@gmail.com if you have any questions.



As part of our ongoing efforts to increase the accessibility and versatility of our church’s gathering space we are looking to find new homes for a number of our old pews. They will be available for purchase for $100 upon delivery of our new seating in mid-September.

If you would like to purchase one or more of these pews, please contact Clarence Miller by phone at 506.832.7876. or by email at clarence.miller@live.ca. Delivery of your pew to its new home will be available


2016 09 11 ST Paul’s News