Christian ministry, has two essential modes, maintenance and mission. Maintenance ministry consists of everything that is done in the church to keep the church going. Mission, on the other hand, is the church going. Or in other words, maintenance is everything that’s done to help the church continue to exist and mission is why the church exists in the first place and the purpose which it is meant to fulfill.
The most obvious example of maintenance ministry is of course the actual work of maintaining the property and/or physical structure in which a church might meet for worship, or things like financial stewardship, congregational giving, and administration. But maintenance also includes ministries like a church’s regular worship gatherings, small groups, bible studies, Sunday School and pastoral care. These latter ministries are all ministries that maintain the church by serving the needs of the existing members of a church.

Mission, in contrast, is what the members of a church then go on and do for the sake of people and for the sake of the world beyond the list of those who consider themselves members of the church. The most obvious examples of Missional ministries are those that serve our neighbours who are especially in need – in need of food, and in need of clothing, and in need of care.
But at the very heart of the church’s mission is Evangelism and the making of Disciples, for these ministries are focused on responding to the very deepest spiritual needs of the world and the people of the world.   The last thing that Jesus told the very first members of his church was to “go, and make disciples of all nations.” This is the mission for which the church exists and it rests on Jesus’ own conviction that what the world needs most is more disciples of Jesus, and what people need most is the assurance of God’s merciful love and the healing and spiritual growth that comes with learning from and following Jesus.

Obviously both maintenance and mission are important for the life of the church. Without proper maintenance the church isn’t able to fulfill its mission. But even more important for us to remember is that without a proper dedication to the mission of the church the reason for the church’s existence will be all too easily lost.

If our maintenance ministries aren’t serving the mission of the church the church will all to quickly begin to exist for the sake of its own existence, and no matter how well maintained it is, any church that exists for the sake of it’s own existence will very quickly become a very unhealthy church.

The good news is that no one wants to see the church reclaim its mission more than God himself. I hope you can join us this Sunday as we explore God’s mission for us together.

Church Bookings

GOOD NEWS:  Our church is Busy!   There is now a procedure for booking the church building.
  1. Go to our website and click on the calendar to check the availability of the building.
  2. Email or call the office to confirm the date and have it entered in to the calendar
  3. Plan your event

Just wanted to let everyone know of a few things happening:

Youth group at the Bloomfield Church Hall
Grades K-5 – 6:00-7:30pm

This is run by Dan McMullen, Rob Marsh, David Turner and Brenda Fowler. I am there as a helping hand when I can be.

High school youth group – 6:30-8:30pm
First night Oct. 2nd in Apohaqui
(Where Dan McMullen’s Church is.)

This is run by Dan McMullen and myself.

Oct.16th – Youth group at St. Paul’s Hampton from 6:30-8:30pm
Youth group will be weekly at St. Paul’s from October 16th on, unless notified of a different location.
If you interested in helping out you are more then welcome to come join us. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask.



2016 09 25 St Paul’s News