Easter, the annual celebration of Jesus’ victory over sin and death, is still six weeks away, but the time to prepare for that celebration is right now.

It’s pretty clear in the gospels that Jesus’ first followers were not expecting Jesus to die the way that he did, and they certainly weren’t expecting him to rise again the way that he did. And yet, it is also quite clear that these are the events which Jesus’ entire mission was ultimately leading up to, and for which he had been preparing his followers all along. In fact, according to the risen Jesus himself in Luke 24:27 these were the events for which God had been preparing his people from the very beginning.

In Luke 24:27 the risen Jesus shows two of his followers how the whole history of God and his people, recorded in what Christians call the Old Testament, is ultimately about God preparing his people for Jesus’ death and resurrection and for the results of those events. Taken from that perspective six weeks seems like hardly any time at all to get ready to celebrate Easter.

If this idea of the whole of the Bible being about Jesus and his death and resurrection is new or strange to you then you might be interested in the Bible Project small group series.

Using material prepared by the Bible Project, including a six-week bible reading plan and a series of really helpful videos, we are going to read the first three books of the Bible and explore what they have to do with Jesus and the events which we are preparing to celebrate at Easter. We’ll be meeting each Sunday at noon at St. Paul’s church to watch the Bible Project videos, read selections from the previous week’s readings and to discuss what we have read and seen.

Copies of the reading plan are available in the foyer of the church, and a free App called ‘Read Scripture’, which gives you the readings for each day, as well as the Bible Project Video guides, is also available here:

Whatever you choose to do to prepare for Easter this year I pray that your efforts will be rewarded. I pray that God will give you a fuller and deeper understanding of his saving work in the life of his people throughout history, and of his saving work and power in your life in particular.
May God bless you with a holy Lent and an Easter filled with all the joy and hope of Jesus’ resurrection.








2017 03 05 St Paul’s Weekly News