People often feel that believing in the resurrection of Jesus is old fashioned; that it’s the kind of thing unenlightened, prescientific people may have once been able to believe, but nowadays, thanks to modern science and education, we know better. The reality is, however, that the idea of Jesus, or of anyone rising from the dead for that matter, was no less shocking or difficult for people to believe then than it is now. When you read what people in the ancient world said and thought about death it’s clear that they were as certain as we are that dead people stay dead.

On Sunday we are going to read about a couple in the Gospel of Luke (Luke 24:13-35) who found it as difficult as anyone to believe that Jesus had risen from the dead, and they were two of his disciples! We’re going to hear the story about how it is they came to believe that Jesus is alive, how that realization felt to them, and how it completely changed the way they looked at the world and at the story of God and his people as recorded in the Hebrew scriptures (a.k.a. the Old Testament).

We’ll also see how the process through which they came to believe on that first Easter Sunday now serves as the model and template for our own weekly Sunday gatherings. They came to believe through the opening of the scriptures, the breaking of bread, and the mysterious and unexpected presence of the risen Jesus.

I hope you can join us as we gather this Sunday to open the scriptures, break bread together, and perhaps come to know the presence of the risen Jesus for ourselves.

Rev. David Turner +

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2017 04 30 St Paul’s News