Summer is nearly upon us! Kids are itching to be done school. People are getting ready to head to their camps, to going camping and / or hit the road for a great Canadian summer road trip. In Canada, summer time is the best time to travel, or at least it would be if it weren’t for all the road repair.

This summer at St. Paul’s we’re going to take a closer look at another journey with plenty of its own delays and bumps in the road. We are going to trace the journey of the people of Israel through the wilderness, into the Promised Land, to the creation of the Kingdom of Israel. From there we’ll continue to follow them through the eventual collapse of the kingdom to their exile in Babylon, and finally to their return.

Why choose to follow such a long and arduous journey?

Followers of Jesus have believed from the very beginning of the Church that the story of God’s people ultimately points to and finds its fulfilment in Jesus Christ. So, the better we know this story the better we will know him and the better we will understand the story of our own journey as we strive to follow him.

We will begin our series this week with Israel’s journey through the wilderness as recorded in the book of Numbers. Please feel free to read ahead!

In addition to starting a brand new Bible Project Summer Series we’ll be taking time this Sunday to recognize and offer thanks and prayers for all the dads and grads in our midst.

We’re going to give thanks in prayer for all the men in our lives who have strived to provide nurture and support for the children and young people in their lives.

We’re going to celebrate and give thanks for the achievements of those, who in the next week or so, will be graduating from High School, in particular: Carter Scott, Chelsea Hoyt, and Mark Caldwell from Hampton High, but also Colin Waugh, Alexandra Devitt, and Nicky Beers who are graduating from KVHS and Mariah Robichaud graduating from UNB.

And finally, our own Rev. Deacon Dan McMullen will be worshipping with us on Sunday morning before heading to the cathedral to be made a priest in the Diocese of Fredericton. His being with us on Sunday morning provides us with the perfect opportunity to pray for him in person as he begins a new chapter in his journey of mission and ministry.


2017 06 18 St Paul’s News