During Rev. David’s vacation from July 31st to August 20th, Rev. Rob Langmaid from St. Luke’s Gondola Point will provide emergency pastoral support coverage. He can be reached on his cell number at 506.333.9183

This Sunday, August 20: Exile Part 3

This summer we are taking an extended look at the journey of God’s people as recorded in some of the key books of the Old Testament. We believe that the whole story of God and his people ultimately points to and finds its fulfilment in the person of Jesus Christ. The better we know this story the better we’ll know Jesus’ story and the better we’ll understand our own story as followers of Jesus. We continue our journey this week with the Prophet Ezekiel.

“Among the exiles in Babylon, Ezekiel shows Israel righteousness of God’s judgment, and that God’s justice creates hope for the future.” Towards the end of Ezekiel’s writings, the kingdom of Judah has suffered the shame of conquest. Even the Temple lays in ruins; spirits aree at an all-time low. But Ezekiel is given a vision. God will give the people his Spirit, and they will live.
(The Bible Project. 2017.https://thebibleproject.com/explore/ezekiel/)


2017 08 20 Weekly News