In his book, Discover Your Mission Now, Dave Ferguson recounts reading a doctoral thesis entitled “Blessers versus Converters.” The researcher had looked at two teams of short-term missionaries that visited Thailand with distinctly different strategies for helping people engage the message of Jesus and the Christian faith.

The team referred to as the “blessers” went with the intention of simply blessing people. They saw their mission as being to bless whoever came their way in whatever practical ways they could. On the other hand, the “converters” went with the sole intention of converting people and evangelizing everyone they encountered.

The researchers found that the “blessers,” not only had a way better reputation among the people whom they were trying to reach, they also had almost 50 times as many conversions than the “converters!”

In his book, Surprise the World, which we are exploring during Lent, Michael Frost suggests five ways we can all live more questionable lives, that is lives that get people asking questions, including questions about what we believe and why. The first of these questionable habits is the habit of Blessing Others.

When we take the time to bless others we surprise them. In a world full of busy and often difficult lives even the simplest gesture of encouragement, affirmation, kindness or support is intriguing to people. In Surprise the World, Michael Frost urges us to undertake the challenge of blessing three people every week – at least one of whom is not a member of your church; at least one whom is a member of your church; and the third can be from either category.

I hope you can join us on Sunday as we learn more about our power to bless.


2018 02 22 Weekly News