For Lent this year we are exploring 5 habits that followers of Jesus can adopt to help a growing number of people find out more about the God we hope they will come to know and love.  In his book Surprise the World Michael Frost calls these habits “questionable behaviours.” They are behaviors that get people asking questions, the sort of questions that followers of Jesus can then answer by sharing what they have experienced and come to know about who God is and what God is like.

The first of these habits is to regularly and intentionally seek out people to Bless. We can bless others through words of encouragement, acts of service and/or gifts.

The second habit, which Rev. Deacon Brenda Fowler spoke about this past Sunday, is the habit of Eating with People. Jesus made a habit of regularly eating with people and of using those times together around a meal to teach and to demonstrate some of the most powerful realities about God and God’s kingdom. Meals have a way of bringing people together and of opening them to share so much more with each other than just food.

This Sunday we’ll be exploring the third habit, the habit of Listing.

We live in a world of almost constant noise and continuous sound, and we are surrounded by so many voices. But this Sunday the Rev. Rob Marsh is going to talk to us about how we can break through all the noise and make a habit of listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

We’re taught by none other than Jesus himself that the Holy Spirit is the companion of Jesus’ followers and a source of strength and special gifts in ministry. But Jesus also tells his followers that the Holy Spirit will lead them into all truth.

The Spirit is an indispensable source of guidance and wisdom for followers of Jesus as we make our way through the world, seeking to bless and share life with others. But to really benefit from the Spirit’s guidance we need to make a habit of listening to his voice.

I hope you will join us this week as we seek the Spirit’s wisdom and learn how to make a habit of listening to the Spirit’s voice.

Are you called to be an Alpha Host, Helper, and/or Inviter?

The purpose of Alpha is to help people experience a relationship with Jesus by sharing the good news of the gospel in a relaxed, easy-going and friendly atmosphere. As Nicky Gumbel, one of the leading figures of Alpha, likes to say,  “Alpha is friends bringing friends.”

If you have experienced Alpha and found it meaningful and helpful for yourself, then you may be called to help others experience Alpha too. You may be called to invite someone you know to come to Alpha with you. Or maybe you’re called to help the team make all the guests to Alpha feel welcome, or perhaps even to host an Alpha discussion group.Starting in April, St. Paul’s will be offering Alpha once again and we are looking for Hosts, Helpers and Inviters to help make this our most successful Alpha yet.
Our first planning meeting, which will include training for new Hosts and Helpers, is scheduled for March 14th at 7pm at St. Paul’s.If you feel you’ve benefited from Alpha and want to see others benefit from it too, then we want you to be part of the team.

The Rector and Wardens are sad to announce that, effective March 15, our very cherished Jessie Gowan will be stepping down as the Children and Youth Ministry Coordinator. Jessie is looking forward to focusing her spare time and many gifts towards ministry among young adults in our area and from across the Diocese. The Rector and Wardens offer their sincerest gratitude to Jessie for the work that she has done while serving in this position, and we are so grateful that she and her family continue to be active and valuable members of our parish.


Contact Shonaugh Moore at 832-5802 for tickets and more information.

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