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Of all the ways that we now have to stay connected, gathering around the collective worship of almighty God remains the most valuable and most powerful means of connection available to us. In worship, we’re not only connected to one another by gathering together in the same space (when that’s possible) or by singing the same songs, or by offering the same prayers. In worship, we connect with THE source of all goodness and hope to receive grace and peace beyond measure.

So whatever else you do today to stay connected with family members and neighbours, we hope and pray you’ll make time today to connect with God in worship, and we hope that the prayers and music and reflections on our Online Worship page will help you do that.

Check Out St.Paul’s Isolation Compilation

For many of us music is the most potent way that we connect with God in worship and to help us do that our good friend Laura Myers has created a YouTube compilation of music that we’ve used in worship at St.Paul’s over the years. There are five hours worth of worship music there, so plenty of music to help you stay connected to God. And if you have suggestions for worship songs to add, please let us know.

Start Streaming St.Paul’s Isolation Compilation now!

Sunday (Home) School

We want to help our kids actively connect with God too, and to help us do that Kate Turner has put together a lesson plan you can use with your kids at home. You’ve been home schooling all week. Now you can home Sunday school too. But don’t worry, there’s no math.

Check out this week’s Sunday (Home) School plan HERE

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