Province Moves to Alert Level 3

On Thursday, the premier announced that the province will move to COVID Alert Level 3 tonight (Friday Jan 14th) at 11:59pm.

This means worship at faith venues will be restricted to outdoor, virtual, or in-car religious services beginning Saturday January 15th.You can review what these new measures mean for churches like St. Paul’s HERE.

With this move to alert level 3, Worship with St.Paul’s will be held exclusively ONLINE this Sunday and until such time as the province returns to level 2 of the COVID-19 alert system.

We’re very sorry for what this means for our members and friends for whom online worship isn’t an option. If that includes you, please know that we are still here for you and would love to connect in whatever ways we can under these new measures.

One option that a few of us have found mildly effective has been to call our friends who aren’t online and to put them on speaker phone next to our computers so they can at least hear the service. If there’s someone you know who isn’t online but who you think might like to hear the service, give them a call and asked them if this arrangement might work for them.

And if any of you need someone to talk to and/or pray with or anything else, please reach out to us and give us call. We may not be able to gather the way that we’d like, but we can still be there for each other.

Email –
Phone – (506) 832-3375

Those who are able to join us online this Sunday can logon to the Worship with St. Paul’s at the Zoom link below.
Zoom link for ‘St. Paul’s Sunday Gathering:

As has been our custom lately, we’ll start with Online Coffee Time at 9:30, followed by a service of Moving Prayer at 10am.

In meantime, God bless you, stay safe, and we hope to see lots of you on Sunday.

How to Read the Bible Part 2

The Bible remains the most read but also misread and misunderstood book in history. It’s influence on human culture and society is undeniable, but because the Bible is so different (and often confusing) even those of us who are really eager to understand the Bible better have a hard time knowing how exactly it should be read.

Starting Thursday evening Jan. 13, we’re hosting a series of discussions live online that we trust will help all of us better understand how the Bible should and should not be read.

We’re calling it “How to Read the Bible: Part 2” because this is a follow-up to series we ran back in June 2021.Back in June, we used material from the Bible Project to look together at How the Bible came to be, The Overarching Story of the Bible, and the various Literary Styles of the Bible, but there is so much more to learn and to discuss.

This time around, we are going to learn how biblical narratives use things like Plot and Character and Setting and Design to communicate who God is, who we are, and the big, redemptive story that we are all living.

Each session will include a short video (or two) from the Bible Project, an open discussion about the ideas presented in the video(s), an open discussion about a short passage from the Bible, and then we’ll end at 8:30ish with a brief (and very optional) time of prayer.

Whether you’ve been happily reading the Bible for years, struggle to even want to pick it up, or fall somewhere in between these extremes, we would love for you to join the conversation.

You can join us live online this Thursday evening at 7:30pm by following the Zoom link below.

Zoom link for How to Read the Bible: Part 2

Knowing God by Name Bible Study Series

One of the most astonishing claims made by the writers of the Bible is that the God and creator of the universe has made himself known by name. God is someone we can know personally and with whom we can have a personal relationship, but this only happens as we continually get to know God and let God make himself known to us.

In this series, we are going to explore what the God of the Bible has made known about himself, and I think we’ll find that this God is much more interesting and far more worth knowing than any god we could ever makeup for ourselves.  

You can join us live online tomorrow (Tues.) at 10am by clicking the Zoom link below.
Zoom link for St. Paul’s Bible Study 10am Tues.

Epiphany Door Blessing 2022

A Simple yet Spiritually Significant way to Celebrate Epiphany

For Christians around the world, Christmas isn’t really supposed to end until January 6th and the Feast of Epiphany.

On Epiphany we remember the story told in the Gospel of Matthew (2:1-12) of the journey of the Magi to worship and bring gifts to the Christ Child. It’s an important event in the life of Jesus which points to his divine identity and his mission of bringing all people everywhere into a life-giving relationship with God, and it’s worth celebrating.

One very simple and yet meaningful way that we’ve been celebrating Epiphany at St. Paul’s in recent years has been with the age-old tradition of “chalking” our doors and praying for God’s blessing on our homes.

From as early as the middle ages, Christians have made a point of asking God to bless their homes on or near the celebration of Epiphany. With the beginning of a new year and the memory of the Magi’s visit to the humble dwelling of the Holy Family in Bethlehem fresh in our minds, Epiphany is a very good time to ask for God’s special blessing on our homes, and on all who dwell in and visit them.

The traditional way of marking your door with this blessing is to write with chalk over or near your door the first two digits of the new year (20) then a cross (+) followed by the letters ‘C + M + B’ each separated by a cross. These letters stand for the Latin words ‘Christus Mansionem Benedicat’ which means “May Christ Bless this Home”. This is followed by another cross (+) and then the last two digits of the new year. This year it will look like this 20+C+M+B+22.

This is not a magic spell. These are not magical runes. This is just a simple reminder, as we go in and out of our homes, that we should seek God and the blessings of God’s kingdom above all else, and that, trusting in Jesus, we are already marked by the blessing of God’s eternal grace and love.

You may want to offer the following prayer before marking your door with chalk.

Almighty God, you led the Magi to the humble dwelling of the Holy Family in Bethlehem to bless their home with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

We ask you to bless our home with the riches of your grace, with the righteousness of your Son Jesus, and with the presence of your Holy Spirit.  May this chalk be a reminder of your blessings to us, and may our lives be marked by the peace and love of our eternal home with you in your everlasting kingdom, where you reign with Jesus your Son and with the Holy Spirit, one God now and forever.


St. Paul’s Cemetery Christmas Tree Memorials

St. Paul’s Cemetery Memorial Christmas Tree

We’re pleased to share these Memorials for the St. Paul’s Cemetery Christmas Tree.

Additional memorials & donations can be made by e-Transfer to or by mail to 486 Kennebecasis River Rd Hampton NB E5N 6L3. Please include your address with your memorial to receive an income tax receipt.

In loving memory of Baxter Fillmore, Barbara Fillmore, and Asmie Fillmore by Jimmy Fillmore, David Fillmore, and Susan Fillmore-Brown

In loving memory of Robert H. Setzke, Shirley Setzke, Noble Wiggins, and June Wiggins – by the Setzke Family

In loving memory of Cecil Dallon and Dorothy Dallon – by the Moore Family

In loving memory of Tony Fowler – by Bev & Estelle Fowler & Family

In loving memory of Margot Payne – by the Payne Family

In memory of Loved Ones – by the MacMackin Family

In memory of Loved Ones – by the Kennedy Family

In memory of my Parents, Brother & Sister – by Jean Bates & Family

In Memory of Departed Loved Ones – by the Miller & Mason Families

In Memory of Roy Stanley – by Shirley Stanley & Family

In Memory of Cilas Timothy Hoyt – by the Hoyt Family

In Memory of Carson Gregory Hoyt – by the Hoyt Family

In Memory of Jack O’Bryant – by Debbie O’Bryant

In memory of Kenneth & Edith Chorley – by the Chorley Family