Join us this Thursday and Friday as we seek to gather for prayer and reflection in real time for the first time online.

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday commemorate events in the life and mission of Jesus which are as pivotal to who Jesus is and to what Jesus has done as any other events in his life, including his resurrection which we celebrate on Easter Sunday. The ways in which Maundy Thursday, and in particular Good Friday, reveal Jesus’ deep familiarity with human suffering are especially precious and powerful for followers of Jesus when, in times like these, our lives are profoundly disrupted and we face uncertainty, illness, suffering and even death.

That’s why we want to try to “gather” this Maundy Thursday (tomorrow) and Good Friday in real time online, to remember together the events in which Jesus truly entered the depths of our human struggles so as to lead us through our struggles into greater depths of hope and peace and life.

To do this, we’re going to make use of a very popular online video conferencing platform know as Zoom. It’s relatively easy to use. As long as you have a device with a microphone and camera you simply click the link, and then follow the instructions.

To get the Zoom link to join these services, please email me at, and I will be happy to forward it to you.

You also have the option of calling in by phone. Unfortunately the numbers for calling-in are all long distance numbers , so we do not advise that you access the Zoom conference by phone unless you have a Canada-wide long distance plan. If you would like a number to call in, once again please email me at

If neither of these options work for you, do not despare. We will post the material for the services, which will hopefully include a video of each service, shortly after each service has been completed.

Please keep in mind that we’ve never done this before, so we’re not totally sure how it will all work 🙂  but we trust that, whatever happens, we will have been blessed in some small way by trying to connect with God in prayer and reflection together.

Here are the details

Maundy Thursday Online Prayer Service – 7:30pm on Zoom
Good Friday Online Prayer Service – 10am on Zoom

Holy Week 2020