More than just an expression of two peoples’ love for one another, we believe that marriage is a means of God’s grace in which the spiritual lives and characters of those called to be married are shaped by the joys and trials of lifelong, life-giving, selfless love. We also believe that marriage is something which ought to be entered into with prayerful discernment, and sober preparation.

It is in this spirit that we strive to support couples seeking marriage, and provide them with the following:

  • Quality marriage preparation by a trained pastoral counsellor,
  • Our sanctuary for the prayerful celebration of their wedding
  • The prayerful support of a faith community, committed to accompanying couples in their life together.

In return we require that couples schedule at least 3 marriage preparation sessions with one of our pastors, and complete The Pre-Marriage Course, or The Marriage Course, which is regularly offered here at St.Paul’s and by churches and other community groups across the country. We also strongly encourage couples to participate in regular worship gatherings in the lead up to their wedding as part of their ongoing spiritual preparation for marriage.

We believe that it is Christ’s living presence in the life of a couple and their mutual submission to his loving guidance and power which sets Christian marriages apart. We are convinced, therefore, that the most effective thing we can do to support marriages is to point to Jesus Christ and to help couples grow in their relationship with him.

If you are preparing for marriage please connect with our ministry team in person to find out more about weddings at St. Paul’s. We want to get to know you as you consider taking this step in your life together with our support.