One of the many uncanny things about Jesus is that you can be actively running away from him and/or your life as one of his followers ­– you can be completely disillusioned and have abandoned any hope you may have once had in Jesus – and yet suddenly discover that he has been with you and teaching you the whole way.

This is exactly what happened to two of Jesus’ followers on the third day after his death, following the initial reports that his body had been found missing. You can read what happened for yourself in the Gospel of Luke 25:13-35.

One of the most mysterious details of this event is the question of what exactly kept the two disillusioned disciples from recognizing him. Was it their grief that kept them from seeing? Was it their unbelief or profound discouragement? Was it Jesus himself who somehow kept them from recognizing him until just the right moment? Luke doesn’t say.

Whatever the answer to this question may be, my hope is that as we reflect on this story this week, and as we gather to worship God and break bread together in Jesus’ name, that anything keeping us from recognizing Jesus’ presence will fall away, and that we will all recognize that Christ is risen.

He is risen indeed! Alleluia!


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Weekly News April 12, 2018