Over a series of 4 Sundays we are taking a good hard look at what really keeps this old church standing and together, but we’re not looking at the physical foundation of St. Paul’s. We’re looking at the spiritual foundations of St. Paul’s, the foundations that God has laid for us in the life and words and saving acts of Jesus.

The foundation that’s been laid for us in Jesus has a very specific shape, a shape which is marked out by four distinct but inextricably connected sides.
They are:

  • Welcome,
  • Proclamation,
  • Prayer,
  • Praise

As we build on the foundation that Jesus provides these are what should give shape our lives; our lives as individual followers of Jesus and our life as a church. And at no time should these sides of Jesus’ foundation be clearer than when we gather together as a church for worship.

We started our series last week with ‘Welcome,’ by looking at the incredible way in which God has welcomed us in Jesus, and how we, in turn, are called to welcome one another.  We continue our series this week by looking more closely at ‘Proclamation’, that is the message of Jesus to us and his call to make that message known to others.

Monday, September 25, 2017 @7pm
Holy Trinity, Hammond River
Canon David Barrett would like prayer shawls for hospital ministry.

Can’t knit or crochet? Please consider donations of yarn (1000 yards or more) or money.



Weekly News Sept 24, 2017