Hello St.Paul’s,
Welcome to another week of worshiping at home!

This week we’ve prepared something a little different to help people worship at home. In addition to posting on our Online Worship page material that people can prayerfully read for themselves we’ve prepared a ‘Worship at Home’ video stream combining prayer, some singing, readings, and reflections all done at home.

Kate and the kids and I offer a couple of songs we’ve prepared in our own home. Rev. Deacon Debbie Cochran offers this week’s reading from her own home, and our layreader this week, Lorraine Brown, offers this week’s prayers of the peopleĀ  from her own home.

It’s kind of an experiment in worshiping together at home, and like any experiment it’s gonna be a little different from what we’re all used to, but our hope is that it will help you connected with God in worship this week, and that it will help to keep us all connected with each other.

You can find all of this week’s ‘worship at home’ material HERE.

Big thanks to Deacon Debbie and Lorraine Brown for their help this week. And a big thanks as well to Sharon Kelly and Kate Turner for putting together this week’s Sunday (Home) School material.

Wishing you a blessed 2nd week of Eastertide.

Rev David Turner +

Worship at Home April 19