Worshiping In Person at St. Paul’s

With the lifting of public health restrictions, there is in our community both an eagerness to regain the conveniences we’ve desperately missed for the past two years and concern about the serious risks which COVID-19 continues to pose, especially to the most vulnerable among us.

For this reason we are offering TWO separate gatherings for worship this Sunday at St. Paul’s:

10 am: “COVID-Careful” Service: For those who wish to observe ALL public health guidelines (i.e. Masking, Distancing, and providing Proof of Vaccination)

11:30 am Simplified Gathering: for those who feel ready to gather without strict adherence to COVID-19 guidelines

If you have any questions about worship at St. Paul’s or about anything happening at St. Paul’s, please reach out to us.

It’s important to us at St. Paul’s that children be given time to worship together with their families and with an inter-generational community of faith. One of the ways we help make that happen is by providing the option of Family Tables to those who are joining us for worship with younger children.

Family Tables include colouring and activity sheets, as well as a few small toys for busy little hands. Families can also request their very own Communion Kits which make it possible for them to share Communion together around their table as a family.

If you would like to book a family table for you and the young people in your life, email the parish office or call by Thursday and we will be sure to have a table ready for you on Sunday.

Partway through the service on Sunday mornings, children in Grade 2 and younger are invited to gather in the parish hall for an interactive story time lead by our children’s’ ministry team.

This special program for younger children takes place while the sermon and prayer time takes place in the main worship gathering. After having time and space to engage in some creative reflection and play, these children will rejoin their families with enough time in time to participate in Communion and our closing time of praise.

Rector: The Reverend David Turner

Office Administrator: stpauls-hampton@outlook.com

Phone: (506) 832-3375

Office Hours:
9:00AM to 12:00PM

Worship with us Live Online – 10am Sunday

You can also join us live online for fellowship and worship from the comfort of you own home this Sunday at 10am.

Zoom link for ‘St. Paul’s Sunday Gathering’ [Click Here]

We start every Sunday morning with an Online “Coffee Time” at 9:30am during which we chat and catch-up on how our weeks have been, meet new people who maybe joining us for worship online for the first time, and generally (re)connect as a community.

Worship starts promptly at 10am.

Did you miss worship this Sunday?

You can still connect with us in worship using our ‘Worship with St.Paul’s’ video stream posted below.

Click HERE to go to our YouTube channel to see all our videos. While you’re there, hit the big red ‘subscribe’ button so that you can get all of our videos as soon as they are uploaded.

We hope that wherever you are, these gatherings for worship and prayer will help you draw close to God and grow in your relationship with him.

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