EasterMarch 24 – Maundy Thursday 6:00 pm simple supper (soup & bread)

March 24 – Maundy Thursday 7:00 pm Service

March 25 – Good Friday 3:00 PM with children’s program

* Please note the time change due to impending weather

Easter – March 27

9:00 am – Traditional Service

10:30 am – Contemporary Service with children’s program

Please remember the following in your prayers this week.

  • Bobbi-Jo C
  • Loretta D
  • Barb G
  • Rick H
  • Dawn L
  • Paul R
  • Sue S
  • Erika W

Dear friends,

In the New Testament the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead isn’t just a surprise after what seems to be the end of his life and ministry. The writers of the New Testament did not see the resurrection of Jesus as merely his own personal vindication. It was for them nothing less than the beginning of a whole new creation. If they had been familiar with contemporary ways of describing the origins of the universe they would have described the resurrection of Jesus as the new ‘big bang,’ the beginning of a whole new existence, the power of which, they believed, had already begun to ripple through and renew the whole of creation.

As we gather this Sunday to celebrate the creative power of the Resurrection and hear the Gospel of John describe that first Resurrection Sunday, I invite you to take note of the ways in which the Gospel accord captures and conveys the promise of new creation. As I’ve already mentioned John was not familiar with the imagery or language of the ‘Big Bang’, but he does draw from a rich tradition of creation imagery to tell the story of that first Easter. Take a look for yourself in John 20:1-18

In what ways does John’s description of that first Easter differ from what you might expect from a description of the new ‘Big Bang’?Is the Resurrection of Jesus more than just a surprise twist at the end of his story? If so, what impact, if any, do you believe the Resurrection of Jesus has on your life story?

Grace and peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ,

The Rev. David Turner +



To the Glory of God Given By

…and in Loving Memory of

Walter Mitham

Sheila Burns

…Betty Mitham

Earl and Althene Cropley

Charles Cochran

Carrie Cochran

…John, Debbie Cochran & Family

David Grimmer

Douglas MacMackin

…Stephen & Barb MacMackin

Anthony Kennett

Kathleen McCleave

…Betty & Family

Frances & Jacob Miller

Lionel Mason

…Clarence, Heather Miller & Family

Douglas & Vesta Mackay

Rev. J. Austin, Kathleen & David Jardine

…Don & Pat Mackay

Jim Heighton

…Connie & Family

Frederick Sherwood

Mary & Nelson Todd

…Chuck & Diane Todd & Family

Douglas Sampson

…Helen, Doug, Stacey, Alexander & Carter

Otty Roberts

…Blanche & Family

Our Parents & Sister

…Lane & Diane Bishop

The Easter Bulletin is dedicated to the Glory of God and In Loving Memory of Harold & Mary Morgan by their daughter Glenna.


2nd Annual “Send a Kid to Camp” Dinner and Silent Auction!

Saturday, April 23

6:30 PM

168 Gunter HIll Road, Upper Gagetown

You can be a part of changing a child’s life just by joining us for dinner!

Tickets are $30 and can be found at Synod Office in Fredericton, or can be reserved through our Facebook page, by calling 488-2069 or by emailing director@campmedley.ca

This year we are pleased to offer a wonderful roast beef dinner!

Check back for updates on the items that will be available at the Silent Auction.

We look forward to sharing in an exciting kick off to our spring/summer season with you!


We are seeking …


Deadline to apply is April 30.


St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church invites all ladies

Hampton Annual Ecumenical Pot Luck Supper

Thursday, April 7th at 6:30 p.m.

in the Church Hall, 978 Main Street, Hampton.

We are pleased to have Rev. Shirley Lynn DeMerchant as our guest speaker. Shirley recently served for eight years as Senior Pastor of Stevens Road United Baptist Church in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Prior to that she lived in South Korea for over ten years where she taught English, served with the Overseas Missionary Fellowship and ministered as the Pastor of the English ministry in a Korean Presbyterian Church. She currently serves as President-Elect of Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada, the organization that facilitates the World Day of Prayer, and the largest interdenominational Christian women’s organization in Canada. Because of her broad prospective, and understanding and respect for what the various denominations offer the Body of Christ and our needy world, she is sure to add inspiration and encouragement to our time of fellowship.

There will be a free will offering which will be donated to the Hampton Food Basket.


The Mission: Stones Across the Water

Stones Across the Water is the name of the YIG team’s upcoming youth mission conference, happening on May 28-29 at Camp Medley.

The conference’s name, Stones Across the Water, comes from the Mother Teresa quote, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” This quote inspires our youth that by working together in mission and following Jesus’ plan that they too can make a difference.

It is YIG’s goal and responsibility to create and develop disciples of our youth through both traditional and innovative ways. The YIG team believes the time is right for a youth-centered event that will draw on these themes. Last summer there were over 700 children and youth who took part in at least one youth-related diocesan — camping ministry at Medley or Brookwood; St. Michael’s Youth Conference, TEC and Diocesan Choir School.

Often they are pumped up and ready to take on the world in the name of Jesus, but after returning to their normal lives and communities, the opportunity to plug into mission may be lost or misused. We have to seek out these opportunities when our youth return and allow them to flourish in their communities.

Stones Across the Water is hoping to bridge that gap and find ways for our youth to plug into mission in their communities.

The conference is open to any youth ages 13-18 from the diocese. Through speakers and various workshops, the youth will learn how to be missional. There will be an emphasis on local mission opportunities but internationally as well.

The cost for the weekend is $25. Registration is available on the Diocese of Fredericton website. The YIG team is encouraging parishes to encourage their youth to participate.

If any adults who would like to volunteer, contact the YIG team. We could use your skills and assistance. Further information can be found in eNews, the YIG Facebook page or via email: yigfton@gmail.com.


Are you experiencing a loss and grieving? Grief affects us in many ways and we experience grief from many losses such as death, loss of relationship, divorce, job loss or transitions, family situations, loss or changes in health.  Loss experiences could also be loss of hopes and dreams and dealing with daily loss from loved ones experiencing Alzheimer’s/Dementia or other critical illnesses.

Reduced concentration, a sense of numbness, disrupted sleep, changed eating habits, and a roller coaster of emotional energy are just a few of the many things that affect those who grieve.

The Grief Recovery Outreach® Program is a specialized method to acknowledge the loss experiences in your life, identify a primary loss event that is impeding you from fully participating in your life and then work through that loss experience in a healthy way.

The Grief Recovery Outreach® Program is a process and a program whereby those participating are given the tools, time and professional resources to help them work through the uncompleted emotional communications that are preventing them from living their lives fully after their loss. In this confidential setting, you will feel respected, heard and supported by others in this program, as you work through the pain of your loss.

Join Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® Kelly Hudson-Lewis, for an 8 week program beginning Wednesday April 13 at 7pm.  Pre-registration is required, $25 fee for book.

Contact Reid’s or Sherwood Funeral Homes to register.

Reid’s Funeral Home:  832-5541, Sherwood’s Funeral Home: 839-2156.



Stress and anxiety are leading causes of illness. This workshop will provide practical techniques and tips to reduce the effects of both.

Please join us for an uplifting morning with special guest


Director of Spiritual and Religious Care for Horizon Health Network

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

2 Hammond River Rd.Quispamsis

(Beside Hammond River Bridge)

Saturday April 23rd, 2016

10 am – 12 pm

To register call 847-0850 or email ParishofHammondRiver@bellaliant.com

This event is free of charge, however a free will offering for parish mission would be appreciated.


Upcoming Events

Mission of the Month – Toonie Tin

Hampton High School Pancake Lunch

Mar 24 – 7:00 pm Maundy Thursday service

Mar 25 – 3:00 pm Good Friday service

There will be a children’s program offered during the Good Friday Service

* Please note the time change due to impending weather

Mar 27 – 9:00 am (BCP) & 10:30 am service(BAS) Easter Sunday

  • Mar 29 – 10:00 am Bible Study at Connie Heighton’s Home
  • Mar 30 – 6:30 pm Praise Team Rehearsal
  • Mar 30 – 7:00pm Property Committee meeting
  • Mar 31 – 8:30am Baking at Hampton Middle School – Danielle Wilson
  • April 1 – 11:00 am Middle School Desserts – Pamela Hughes
  • April 2 – 8:30 am Holy Joe’s

Apr 3 – 9:00 am (BAS) & 10:30 am service(BAS)

  • April 5 – 10:00 am Bible Study at Connie Heighton’s Home
  • April 6 – 12:30 pm Highschool Lunch (Parish of Upham)
  • April 6 – 6:30 pm Praise Team Rehearsal
  • April 8 – 11:00 am Middle School Desserts – Debbie Galley

Apr 10 – 9:00 am (BCP) & 10:30 am service(BAS)

  • April 12 – 10:00 am Bible Study at Connie Heighton’s Home
  • April 13 – 12:00 pm ACW
  • April 13 – 6:30 pm Praise Team Rehearsal
  • April 16 – 11:00 am Hampton Community Garden – AGM

Apr 17 – 9:00 am (BCP) & 10:30 am service(BAS)

  • April 19 – 10:00 am Bible Study at Connie Heighton’s Home
  • April 20 – 12:30 pm Pancakes for High School (St Paul’s)
  • April 20 – 6:30 pm Praise Team Rehearsal
  • April 23 – 6:30 pm Camp Medley – Send a Kid to Camp Dinner

Apr 24 – 9:00 am (BCP) & 10:30 am service(BAS)

  • April 26 – 10:00 am Bible Study at Connie Heighton’s Home
  • April 26 – 7:30 Vestry Meeting
  • April 27 – 6:30 pm Praise Team Rehearsal

May 1- 9:00 am (BAS) & 10:30 am service(BAS)

  • May 3 – 10:00 am Bible Study at Connie Heighton’s Home
  • May 4 – 12:30 High School Lunch (Parish of Upham)
  • May 4 – 6:30 pm Praise Team Rehearsal

Duty Schedule for April 3

APRIL 3 9:00 am 10:30 am
Layreader Betty Kennett Rod Langis
Reader Claire Kelly Rowena Hawkey-Noble
Sidespersons R & C Kelly Janice Kelly / Liam Kelly
Chancel Guild Estelle Fowler
Counters Glenna Geer / Christian Gowan
Nursery Shonaugh Moore

Duty Schedule can now be viewed online & printed copies can be found at the back of the church.

There are printed copies of this eNewsletter available in the entrance to the church.

Please let those not on-line know they are available.

If you have any news to share in our newsletter please send it to stpauls-hampton@outlook.com

2016 03 27 News
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