Sunday, April 3

9:00 am Holy Communion BAS

10:30 am Holy Communion BAS with Children’s Program

Dear friends,

How is it that Jesus’ life, lived on earth so long ago, has come to affect so much of human history and very nearly every human community? How is it that his message of God’s kingdom, which he himself declared to at most a few thousand people in first-century Palestine, has come to be embraced by billions of people from cultures very different than his own?  These cultures were not thinking about God’s kingdom. They were not waiting for a Messiah. They did not look at the world in that way at all, and yet so many of them are now captivated by the promise of God’s kingdom and God’s Messiah. How is it that the hope of the Risen Jesus, seen initially by little more than a dozen people, has come to be the single greatest source of hope for countless millions?

Our gospel reading from John 20:19-31 provides the essential clue to this mystery. In it we read about Jesus commissioning his first followers and friends to go into the world as he was first sent into the world, after which he gives them the gift of the Holy Spirit.

God’s Spirit working through God’s people: that is how all of the above has come to pass. That is how God’s kingdom continues to grow, and that is how the message of forgiveness and the promise of new life continues to spread.

I hope you’re able to join us this week as we explore the mission that has been given to all God’s people by the risen Jesus, and the implications of that mission for our lives.

Grace and peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ,

The Rev. David Turner +

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