Our parish has been blessed with many very generous and dedicated ministry leaders, many of whom have faithfully offered their time and talents for many years. More recently a number of our members have begun or are about to begin new ministries in our parish and in the wider church.
These include our …

  • New Children and Youth Ministry Coordinator – Jessica Gowan
  • New Office Administrator – Nicky Scott
  • Two Summer Camp Counselors – Colton and Carter Scott
  • New ACW Deanery President – Diane Todd
  • New Mother’s Union Leaders (Local and National) – Donna Leonard, Elaine Robichaud, and Alice Kennedy
  • New Guild of St. Joseph President – Ernie Kennan
  • New Vestry Team and Executive – Pat Hanratty, Clarence Miller, Stephen MacMackin, Joanna DiProse, Ernie Kennan, Myra Stites, Jean Bates, Dawn Lent, Shonaugh Moore, Paul Martin, Kitty Martin, Christian Gowan, Barb Langis

As we gather this coming Sunday we will be affirming and praying for each of these new ministries and new ministry teams. In the meantime, if there is someone else who you know to be starting or to have recently started a new ministry in our parish and who you believe we may have overlooked, please reach out to me directly and let me know so that we can all affirm and pray for their new ministry together.

You can always email me at david.turner@anglican.nb.ca or contact me by phone at 832-3375.

And to those of you who have been faithfully offering your gifts and talents in and through our parish for many years (past members of Vestry, of the ACW, MU, and Holy Joes, Chancel Guild, Layreaders, as well as Fellowship, Care and Connection, Sunday School, Music, Property and Cemetery committees) please know that your devotion and faithful service in the life of our parish are always deeply appreciated.

Thank you and God bless you,

The Rev. David Turner

medley fun day 2016

Good Day Everyone,
“God does not call those who are equipped, He equips those whom He has called.” – Smith Wigglesworth
Are you feeling something small inside you maybe nudging you to join our summer Sunday school program? Maybe you don’t understand this feeling and you are trying to ignore it because you feel unequipped to teach children about Jesus.
God wants you. He wants to build you up and equip to do His work. All you need is to trust in Him. He will do the rest.
There will be meeting after church this Sunday for the people who have volunteered for summer Sunday school. I will be giving a brief 30 min demo of our Sunday school curriculum. Also during this time if you have any questions you can ask me then. If you are at all interested in volunteering come to this meeting and see what the curriculum is all about.
I am still looking for more volunteers for the summer Sunday school program. The summer program cannot run without the help of many volunteers. Please cannot me. Thank you.
Jessie Gowan
Children and Youth Ministry Coordinator


2016 06 19 St Paul’s News