Summer Hours
Weekly Service at 10:00 am
Office Hours:  Thursdays 9:00-12:00
These hours are in effect until Sept 11

A growing body of research, as well as the personal experience of a great many Christian leaders, indicates that vital and healthy parishes tend to be parishes with a clear sense of mission. A recent study by the Church Growth Research Program of the Church of England, which studied factors associated with growth in over 4000 parishes, found that there was a strong association between church growth and a clear sense of mission (

Of those who report a clear sense of mission and purpose, 64% have grown compared to 25% that had declined. For those that stated that they did not have a sense of clear mission and purpose, 26% had grown and 52% had declined. For those who were unsure 41% had grown and 35% had declined.

If a clear sense of mission is this important for the health and vitality of a parish, it would stand to reason that the same holds true for individual followers of Jesus as well. The personal and spiritual growth of individual Christians might also depend on their having a strong personal sense of mission.

This Sunday we’ll be looking at a passage from the gospel of Luke that is all about the mission of Jesus’ followers (Lk 9:51–62). It highlights some of the distractions (both negative distractions and positive distractions) that can tempt the focus of Jesus’ followers away from the mission that he has given them, and which can undermine the growth that comes from pursuing this mission.

I hope you’re able to join us at 10 am this Sunday as we explore these and other aspects of our mission together.

The Rev. David Turner +

Alpha Invitation

Thank you to everyone who stayed for the meeting after church this past Sunday. From that meeting volunteers were able to see how simple the summer curriculum really is. I would like to encourage those people who were at the meeting to tell others of the simplicity of it. Since last week I have had a few more people say they would help out in the month of July with Sundayschool.  I cannot express how thankful I am of all my volunteers. It is so very encouraging to me. You have no idea how big of a help you are. I am so appreciative.
Thank you!
This Sunday, June 26th – I have Tim W and Lori S on for nursery
Sunday School for July 3rd – I have Jean B and Donna L
If you can help on one of these weeks, please let me know. Thank you.
Aug. 7/16 Betty K and ?
Aug.21/16 Karla L and ?
Sept.4/16 Betty K and ?
Sept. 11/16
Sept. 18/16

Jessie Gowan

On June 29th, at 6:30pm Hampton Middle School is looking for some help to finish construction of their very own school garden.

More specifically, they are looking for help to finish the fence. All helpers are welcome!


2016 06 26 St Paul’s News