Happy Canada Day weekend everyone! maple leaf
We have so much to celebrate as a country. We enjoy a remarkable degree of peace and security and prosperity in a world where these things are far too often lacking. And yet, as a society, we are still very much a work in progress. There are many Canadians, for example, whose lives would be very different if they were able to enjoy the kind of peace and prosperity which many of us take for granted. And even among those whose lives are quite comfortable there is often a deep sense of dissatisfaction, and the question “is there more to life than this?”.

This Sunday we will be asking this very question as we launch our Summer Sunday Morning Alpha series.

Alpha is a series of interactive discussions about life, faith, and God designed to help people discuss the big questions of life in an informal, fun, and friendly atmosphere. Starting this Sunday and right up until September we’re going to make Alpha part of our regular Sunday morning gatherings.

Sunday Morning Alpha

This Sunday, St. Paul’s Church will be open with coffee, and tea ready to enjoy at 9:45am. At 10am the children will be invited downstairs to the Parish Hall for the children’s program, and the Alpha experience will begin with the first of a series of excellent films outlining the topic of the day.

After the film we’ll have a chance to discuss what we’ve heard with the people in our pews. And again, Alpha is all about discussing big questions in a fun, informal and friendly way. So feel free to share as much or as little as you want as we discuss these things together.

After the discussion we’ll move into a short time of prayer and worship, which this week will include Communion, celebrated by Bishop David Edwards.

Then at approximately 11:15 everyone will be invited downstairs for strawberry shortcake, breakfast casserole, and of course more tea and coffee. And if you want to bring a few of your own favourite brunch items to share (muffins, biscuits, fruit etc.) they will be very warmly received.

Until then, I pray that you have a wonderful week and a joyful Canada Day, and please invite your friends to St. Paul’s this Sunday. It might be the morning they discover just how much more there is to life.

Check out our YouTube Channel where we will be featuring the Alpha videos.

Our church picnic brunch is only days away! Who is getting excited? I know I am!!
We have lots of fun things planned for everyone such as:

  • Bean bag toss – Betty K
  • Parachute and ball – Christian G
  • Face painting table – Shelby S
  • Washer toss – Debbie O
  • Chalk and Bubbles – Heather C
  • Floater – Kate T

Also feel free to bring lawn chairs or blankets for sitting on and any other outdoor toys or games… Just remember to please write your name on them. Thanks everyone.  Your help is greatly appreciated.
Jessie Gowan


2016 07 03 St Paul’s News