September is here, which for most of us means that we’ll soon be going back to something. Students are going back to school. Others may be going back to work from vacation or coming home from weekends spent at the camp or some other summer getaway.  Traditionally September has also been when many church-goers start going back to church. But my prayer for us this year is that as we go back to church we will, in fact, be going forward. As we go back to church I hope we will all be looking forward to growing spiritually and building community in all sorts of new and exciting ways.
Here are just a few things to look forward to as we go back to church this September.

On Thursday, September 8th at 7pm there is going to be an information and coordination meeting for those who are interested in making the Alpha program available to our friends and neighbours this Fall. Then onSaturday, Sept. 17th our local Alpha team will be taking part in an Open Alpha Training session being held at Trinity Anglican Church in Saint John.

On September 18, as we return to our regular Sunday service times of 9am and 10:30am we will be welcoming the new Parish Development Officer of our Diocese, Ken Nielsen. As our preacher that Sunday Ken is going to help us come to a deeper understanding of our mission as a parish. We’ll also be officially unveiling our new parish Mission Statement and taking a first look at our new Mission and Ministry Directory.
September 25th is Back to Church Sunday. Anglican churches across Canada and in the United Kingdom will being making a special effort to invite their friends and neighbours back to church, or perhaps to come and check out church for the very first time. Invitations, along with a good dose of encouragement will be made available on Sunday, Sept. 11th.
With everything we’re going back to this September my prayer, once again, is that we won’t just be going back, but that will all be moving forward into new experiences of spiritual growth and community building together.


2016 09 04 Parish News