Just in case there was ever any question Jesus tells us why he came. He tells us in the Gospel of John chapter 10 verse 10 the purpose driving everything he has done and promises to do, and he couldn’t have put it any clear. “I came,” Jesus says, “that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

When I think of abundant life, or as some translations put it “life to the full” the first thing I think of is Camp Medley, the Anglican Church summer camp I went to as a kid and have remained involved with ever since. Obviously, there is much more to life than summer camp. Nevertheless, my experience of Camp Medley is the model and example life lived to the full.

Whether as a camper, a Councillor, the director, or now as a chaplain and a parent of campers my experience of Camp Medley has always been full of life. It’s full of fun. It’s full of caring and supportive community. It’s full of the Spirit and of learning about God’s love and his good purposes for our lives. And I am far from the only one who has experienced Camp Medley in this way.

I was chatting with a member of our parish recently who told me that when she was a camper she would come home from a week of camp and cry for two days because she missed it so much. And now her teenaged granddaughter, whose been a camper for several years, is just as passionate about the time she gets to spend at Camp Medley.

Camp Medley isn’t the biggest camp, or the best equipped camp (unless you count mosquitoes as camping equipment). I believe that the reason so many of us have such a fondness of Camp Medley is that at the center of its being and purpose is Jesus and his mission of bringing life to people; life in all its fullness.

The mission of Jesus is the Mission of Camp Medley and now there are more ways than ever to be a part of this mission. Below you’ll see just some of what’s happening at Camp Medley this spring and summer and some of the ways you can get involved.

Sunday May 7th, 2-5: Spring work afternoon at Camp! Cleaning, fixing, digging, you name it! We need some help getting ready for the coming months. There will be a light supper at the end of our work!

Saturday May 27th, 6:30: Send a Kid to Camp Salmon Dinner @ Camp Medley. Call 488-2069 to reserve your seat/table, or email campmedley@anglican.nb.ca. No cost for your ticket/reservation, but it will be a night of raising funds! All donations welcome.

Sunday May 28th, 2pm: Canvas for Camp Paint, Socialize and Help us Send more Kids to Camp. Location: St. Paul’s, Hampton. Contact Shonaugh Moore to reserve your canvas.

Saturday June 10th, 7-10: Alumni Kitchen Party! A chance to gather at camp for a night of nostalgia, food and music. Frantically Atlantic is hosting a Kitchen Party (All instruments welcome!), we’ll have a classic campfire and if you want to stay the night, book a cabin and have breakfast with us the next morning! Kids Welcome. 20$/person 30$/Two Person Ticket extra 10$/person for overnight stay and breakfast.

Friday June 23-25, 2017. Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation with your family and ours as we unplug and unwind together. Bring your kids, your parents, your grandparents and whoever else is family to you. For more information contact director@campmedley.ca or Camp Medley at 506 488-2874

All Kids Camps Starting July 2nd. Register Online at campmedley.ca

Rev. David Turner +


2017 05 07 Weekly News