This Sunday, July 23: The Rise and Fall of the Kingdom Part 2

This summer we are taking an extended look at the journey of God’s people as recorded in some of the key books of the Old Testament. We believe that the whole story of God and his people ultimately points to and finds its fulfilment in the person of Jesus Christ. The better we know this story the better we’ll know Jesus’ story and the better we’ll understand our own story as followers of Jesus. We continue our journey this week with the books of 1st and 2nd Samuel.

1st and 2nd Samuel 

“God reluctantly raises up kings to rule the Israelites. The first is a failure, and the second, David, is a faithful replacement, but even his reign is far from perfect.

Samuel is an exciting Book in the Bible. It’s split into two parts due to its large size. The Book of 1 Samuel focuses on the characters Samuel, Saul, and David and their roles in shaping God’s growing nation Israel. The book of 2 Samuel picks up where 1 Samuel left off. David mourns for the loss of Saul and Jonathan. His faithfulness to God ushers in a united Israel that finally defeats the surrounding Philistines and establishes a kingdom in the land.

When reading 1&2 Samuel, note the realistic depictions of real people. Each one has their own strengths, weaknesses, and goals just like we do.”  (The Bible Project. 2017. )




2017 07 23 St Paul’s News