Cemetery Service for All Souls

For generations members of our community have laid their love ones to rest in the grounds around St. Paul’s, and year after year they return to our cemetery in order to remain close to those they love in spite of their passing.

In that same spirit, on October 30th at 11am, St. Paul’s will be hosting a special service of remembrance and thanksgiving for all those laid to rest in the St. Paul’s cemetery.

One very special moment in the service will be the Rose Ceremony during which family members and friends can have the name(s) of their loved one(s) read aloud as a rose is offered in their memory.

If you have a loved one whose name you would like to have included in the rose ceremony, please contact the parish office by October 25th to let us know.

Office Administrator: stpauls-hampton@outlook.com Phone: (506) 832-3375

An offering will also be collected to support the ongoing preservation and maintenance of St. Paul’s cemetery.

*Please note that proof of vaccination and masks will be required to attend this service in person. Thank you for your cooperation understanding.

Worship with us this Sunday at St.Paul’s.

Whether it’s in-person or online, the people of St. Paul’s are passionate about gathering together for worship, fellowship, prayer and to help one another grow in our experience of God’s goodness and love, and we’re committed to keeping one another safe whenever and wherever we gather.

Proof of Vaccination at St. Paul’s

Proof of vaccination is required from all those wishing to attend worship in person at St. Paul’s. Children who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated, who have just become eligible to be vaccinated and/or who are in the process of being vaccinated are exempt from this requirement as well as anyone who is able to provide proof of a medical exemption. Furthermore, once we have confirmed your COVID-19 vaccination status we will not be asking to see proof of your status again.

This was not an easy decision to make given the tensions and open disagreements regarding this issue that so many families and communities are experiencing, but the reasoning behind this decision is very clear.

Firstly, the overwhelming majority of those who have been gathering in person for worship with us since the pandemic began have informally communicated to us that they have already been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Secondly, public health has made it very clear that the normative requirement for public gatherings at churches for events such as meetings, workshops, funerals and weddings, is proof of vaccination.

And thirdly, vaccination remains the single most effective public health measure available to us to protect our members and our neighbours from COVID-19.

Please know that we remain 100% committed to ministering to you and to all our neighbours regardless of your vaccination status. If you are not vaccinated and have not received a formal medical exemption but still want to receive Holy Communion, we can bring it to you. If you need our prayers or need our help in any way, please let us know. We are here for you.

How to Provide Your Proof of Vaccination

There are three ways you can provide us with your proof of vaccination.

1. You can email the parish office (stpauls-hampton@outlook.com) with an electronic copy of your proof of vaccination. Once we have confirmed your vaccination status in our parish records we will then permanently delete your email to us  in order to protect  your private medical information

2. You can visit the parish office in person with proof of your vaccination status Monday through Thursday from 9am to noon.

3. You can bring proof of your vaccination status with you to worship on Sunday.

While providing proof of vacation as you enter the building on Sunday morning is an option, we do ask you to try and provide this information to us before Sunday morning. That way we’ll be ready to simply welcome you to worship.

If you have any questions or concerns about our vaccination policy please do not hesitate to reach out us. You and your input are extremely valuable to us.

(506) 832-3375

You can also join us for worship live online from the safety and comfort of your own home every Sunday morning.

Online “Coffee Time” starts at 9:30am, and worship starts at 10am.

Did you miss worship this Sunday?

You can still connect with us in worship using our ‘Worship with St.Paul’s’ video stream posted below.

Click HERE to go to our YouTube channel to see all our videos. While you’re there, hit the big red ‘subscribe’ button so that you can get all of our videos as soon as they are uploaded.

We hope that wherever you are, these gatherings for worship and prayer will help you draw close to God and grow in your relationship with him.

For the month of October at St. Paul’s, we are learning how to talk, think and pray together about our place in and responsibility to God’s good creation, focusing in particular on the issue of Climate Change.

We’ve just come out of a federal election during which climate change was a major campaign issue, and next month world leaders will be gathering in Scotland for the United Nations Climate Change Conference. It’s an issue that’s top of mind right now, even with everything else that’s going on, and it’s one that requires our spiritual attention.

Climate change is an issue that we need God’s help to face with faith, hope and love.

In addition to exploring the spiritual significance of climate change during our Sunday morning sermon time, we’re also inviting people to join us Thursday evenings online at 8pm for more in-depth discussion and prayer. These Thursday evening sessions will be centered around a series of video presentations prepared by renowned climate scientist and Christian speaker Dr. Katharine Hayhoe.

Join us this Thursday evening at 8pm online as we hear Dr. Hayhoe talk about the Bible’s description of our unique place in God’s creation, and her thoughts on how we can encourage others to think deeply about our collective responsibility for the well being of the earth.

CLICK HERE to join us this Thursday at 8pm


learning to carry the kingdom of God wherever we go

The Kingdom Impact Memory System (KIMS) was developed by Michael Frost and Graham Joseph Hill to help people commit the words of Scripture to memory in a way that would challenge them to become more generous, hospitable, Sprit-led, Christ-like, and purposeful followers of Jesus.

Several of us have started to work our way through the KIMS, and you can too. We will post each week’s KIMS plan below. Just open it up and following along.