Weekly Services
March 13
9:00 am – Traditional (Book of Common Prayer)
10:30 am – Contemporary (Book of Alternative Services)

Over the past four weeks of Lent I’ve been exploring the idea that the purpose of Lent is to prepare us to celebrate Easter. It’s meant to help us develop our appreciation for and our ability to truly celebrate God’s victory over sin and death through the death and resurrection of Jesus.
To help us on this journey we’ll be taking a closer look this Sunday at an event that took place in the life of Jesus and some of his closest friends just days before his arrest and crucifixion. But the event we’ll be looking at wasn’t a miracle or a supernatural revelation or a sermon preached to a crowd of thousands. The event we’ll be looking at was a dinner party.
It was supposed to be a nice meal with friends and family given in honour of Jesus. It ends up being something of a disaster as the party is derailed by personal agendas and thinly vailed rivalries between Jesus’ friends. In the midst of this dinner party disaster, however, Jesus offers his followers, then and now, a poignant reminder of the importance of not taking Jesus’ presence for granted.
If you want to read ahead in preparation for Sunday, the story can be found in the gospel of John 12:1-8. As you read, consider Jesus’ words to his friends and how they might apply to some of the dynamics in our lives that may limit our ability to truly celebrate in honour of Jesus.
I hope we get to celebrate together on Sunday.

The Rev. David Turner
Rector of the Anglican Parish of Hampton

We are seeking …


For more information click on the link above.  Deadline to apply is April 30.

Dessert, Video & Discussion

The series will resume again on Friday March 11 at 6:30 pm at the home of Betty Kennett

Please RSVP to Rev. David if you are planning to attend.

Pray-On-The-Way: Weekday Reflections for Lent

Monday through Thursday Mornings:  8:45-9am

Tuesdays Evenings:  7-7:15pm

Mission of the Month – Toonie Tin

Hampton High School Pancake Lunch


We are in need of Greeters for the 9:00 am service.  If you are available and interested please contact the office at 832-3375 or stpauls-hampton@outlook.com


Hampton Food Basket

Arrangement is in place for people to give donations on a monthly basis to the Food Basket through Canada Helps; this convenient method allows folk to commit any amount, large or small, on a monthly basis and the Food Basket receives a cheque for said amount. For many, a small amount each month is hardly noticed, $10.00 a month will result in a tax receipt at year’s end of $120.00 and will benefit the donor as well as providing much needed help for those living in poverty.

Hampton Food Basket Canada Helps

Upcoming Events

Mar 13 – 9:00 am (BCP) & 10:30 am service(BAS)

  • Mar 13 – 12:30 pm Sun. Afternoon Discussion Group – Tim Horton’s
  • Mar 15 – 7:00 pm Pray on the Way: Reflections for lent
  • Mar 15 – 7:00 pm Prepare meals at the Middle School
  • Mar 16 – 12:30 pm Pancakes for High school (St Paul’s)
  • Mar 16 – 6:30 pm Praise Team Rehearsal
  • Mar 17 – 8:30am Baking at Hampton Middle School – Myra Stites
  • Mar 18 – 11:00am Middle School Desserts – Joyce Logan
  • Mar 18 – 6:30 pm Dessert, Video & Discussion

Mar 20 – 9:00 am (BCP) & 10:30 am service(BAS) – Palm Sunday

  • Mar 20 -12:30 pm Sun. Afternoon Discussion Group – Tim Horton’s
  • Mar 22 – 7:00 pm Pray on the Way: Reflections for lent
  • Mar 22 – 7:30 pm Vestry Meeting
  • Mar 23 – 6:30 pm Praise Team Rehearsal
  • Mar 24 – 8:30am Baking at Hampton Middle School – Heather Miller
  • Mar 24 – 7:00 pm Maundy Thursday service

Mar 25 – 10:00 am Good Friday service
There will be a children’s program offered during the Good Friday Service

Mar 27 – 9:00 am (BCP) & 10:30 am service(BAS) Easter Sunday

  • Mar 30 – 6:30 pm Praise Team Rehearsal
  • Mar 30 – 7:00pm Property Committee meeting
  • Mar 31 – 8:30am Baking at Hampton Middle School – Danielle Wilson
  • April 1 – 11:00 am Middle School Desserts – Pamela Hughes
  • April 2 – 8:30 am Holy Joe’s

Apr 3 – 9:00 am (BAS) & 10:30 am service(BAS)

  • Apr 6 – 12:30 pm Highschool Lunch (Parish of Upham)
  • Apr 6 – 6:30 pm Praise Team Rehearsal
  • April 8 – 11:00 am Middle School Desserts – Debbie Galley

Apr 10 – 9:00 am (BCP) & 10:30 am service(BAS)

  • April 13 – 12:00 pm ACW
  • April 13 – 6:30 pm Praise Team Rehearsal
  • April 16 – 11:00 am Hampton Community Garden – Annual General Meeting

Apr 17 – 9:00 am (BCP) & 10:30 am service(BAS)

  • April 20 – 12:30 pm Pancakes for High School (St Paul’s)
  • April 20 – 6:30 pm Praise Team Rehearsal

Blue Grass Music Night

A “Ron Hoyt” Memorial Celebration
Bloomfield Hall – 45 Bloomfield Station Road
Saturday March 19
7:00 – 9:00 pm
Free will offering at the door
Silent auction
Refreshments – tea & coffee

Proceeds are going to the Hall for Help Support Community Work

Musical groups attending:
Richard & Heather Brown
Gillian & Friends
Tom Mason
Angela Curran
Harry & Lois Beyea

Storm Date: March 26

Come join us for an evening of Remembrance & Fun!

Hampton United Church’s Fundraiser
3rd Annual Good Friday
Fish n’ Chip Take Out! March 25th!

Pick up between 11:30-2:00pm.
Limited number of dinners available!
Must place order in advance, by Monday March 21st! SOLD OUT EARLY the past two years!

1 piece ($7.50) or 2 piece ($10) with hand cut fries and coleslaw!

Same delicious batter as previous years and it has always been GLUTEN FREE!

Call 832-5050 or emailhuc@nb.aibn.com, please include name, phone number, number of orders and size of orders (1 or 2 pieces of fish), as well as your preferred pick up time (every half hour).


“Memory Cafe  Everyone is welcome to join us at the Memory Cafe to be held on Sunday, March 13 at St Paul’s Church Hall, 4 Church Ave, Rothesay, NB, from 2-4 pm. We will be enjoying a social time with refreshments, an information session with Shelley Shillington about ‘Cycling Without Age’ and entertainment by the Recycled Teenagers.  It is a great outing for those who have the disability of dementia, and it is a program of the Alzheimer’s Society provided free of charge.”
Dementia is a progressive disease characterized by symptoms that range from mild memory loss to severe cognitive difficulties, which make it hard to manage daily activities without help. No matter what the stage, dementia can be terrifying and difficult to accept.

However, letting people know what is going on with you can help them understand why you’re acting in new and unexpected ways. Sharing your diagnosis, particularly with those closest to you, also allows everyone to talk about the future, help you maintain the healthiest lifestyle possible, and resolve any stigma before you lose the ability to voice your opinion. (www.everydayhealth.com)


March 20 9:00 am 10:30 am
Layreader Marg Petrie Myra Stites
Reader Lane Bishop Elaine Robichaud
Sidespersons Estelle Fowler Shawn/Hana Coughlan
Chancel Guild Dawn Lent / Joyce Logan
Counters Joyce Logan / Joanna DiProse
Nursery Lois Moore
7pm Maundy Thursday  10:00 Good Friday
Layreader Betty Kennett Heather Miller
Reader Heather Miller Carter Scott
Sidespersons P&P Hanratty MacMackin Family
Chancel Guild Shirley Stanley/Betty Mitham



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