A couple of Sundays ago we talked about how difficult it can be for Jesus’ followers, both in the early days of the Church and today, to recognize the risen Jesus.  After he rose from the dead Jesus came to his followers and friends and on at least three occasions they failed to recognize him, that is until Jesus made them able to recognize him. In the same way, though Jesus promises his followers today that he is with us by his Spirit, we often find it difficult to trust this promise and to recognize when or how it is that he is with us. And yet, once again I believe that it is Jesus who makes us able to trust his promise and at different times and in different ways to see and recognize that he is with us.

But in the gospel for this coming Sunday the focus is moved from recognizing Jesus to recognizing his followers and how it is that Jesus means for the world to recognize us.  “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples,” Jesus says, “if you have love for one another.”

This is how Jesus says “everyone” will recognize who exactly his disciples are, but what exactly does that love look like, and how do his disciples today make sure they are practicing that love?

I hope you’re able to join us on Sunday as we worship together and look at these questions more closely.

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