This Week’s Holy Slogan is ‘Prepare!’

(Mark 1:1-8)

In some ways John the Baptist would have been difficult to miss. He was wild and eccentric and crowds from all over Judea and from Jerusalem flocked to him. Many others, however, completely overlooked John the Baptist and/or dismissed him because of how odd he was. Even some of those who did come to be baptised by John never really understood what he was up to.

When we ‘Keep Awake’ the way Jesus encourages us to in Mark 13:24-37 we are more receptive to receive what God has for us, even if it means coming to an odd character like John the Baptist. John’s message to the people of his day, and to us, is “Prepare!” Prepare for God to come to you in a whole new way in Jesus, and prepare for Jesus to completely immerse you in the creative and lifegiving power of the Spirit of God. I hope you can join us this Sunday morning as we explore further what it looks like to prepare for something like this.

We’d also like to invite everyone this Sunday, Dec. 10 between 2pm and 5pm to the Rectory (59 Raymond Street, Hampton) for our Advent Open House. Everyone is invited, so bring your friends, bring your families and we wouldn’t even mind if you brought some of your favourite festive refreshments to share.


St Paul’s News 10 Dec 2017