alpha day - CopyOne of the highlights of any Alpha series is the Alpha Retreat.

During the Alpha Retreat participants learn more about the person and power of God’s Holy Spirit, and many come back saying it was their absolute favorite part of their entire Alpha experience.

For the purposes of our Alpha series this summer we’re going to gather for a simpler kind of ‘retreat,’ just a Saturday afternoon and evening dedicated to learning more about the Spirit together, as well as taking time to eat, pray and worship together.
Continuing with the brand new Alpha Film Series we’ll be looking at 3 questions:

  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • What does the Holy Spirit do?
  • How can I be Filled with the Holy Spirit?

Dinner will be a cold-plate potluck. Any salads, sandwich fixings, rolls, cheeses and/or desserts will be gratefully received.

You can sign-up online, on our website, our Facebook page, or in the foyer of St. Paul’s Church.

Our topic this week:  How does God guide us?

SUNDAY August 21st we are looking for help setting up for VBS. Come join us after church.  Bring your lunch. We will also have a time to pray for VSB and our teams. Would love to see you there.

Mark your calendars! September 25th is an important day to remember. I am holding a meeting for anyone and everyone who is interested in knowing more about Sunday School in the fall. Please come and bring your lunch. We will meet right after church on that Sunday. I would LOVE to see you all there

Thank you!!

REGISTER ONLINE or call 832-3375

VBS 2016 Announcement


As part of our ongoing efforts to increase the accessibility and versatility of our church’s gathering space we are looking to find new homes for a number of our old pews. They will be available for purchase for $100 upon delivery of our new seating in mid-September.

If you would like to purchase one or more of these pews, please contact Clarence Miller by phone at 506.832.7876. or by email at Delivery of your pew to its new home will be available





St Paul’s News Aug 14, 2016