According to a Gallup survey conducted a few years ago church members who are actively involved in their congregation are happier with their lives, more inviting, more active in their wider communities and more generous with their time and money than those who are either ‘not engaged’ or ‘actively disengaged’ from their faith communities. This same survey found that the proportion of actively involved church members is growing. As the survey itself indicates this is good news not only for churches but for the wider community and for the people themselves who are getting more involved.

This Sunday we’re going to continue our series on spiritual growth and community building by looking at the role our church can play in helping more people discover their gifts for ministry and mission.

This is NOT about finding people to fill the positions that we think we need filled to keep our church going. The mission of the Church is not to build or sustain itself. The mission of the Church is to see God’s kingdom grow in the world, and that includes supporting and equipping people to live out the purposes to which God has called them and for which he is actively shaping them.


Weekly News 12 Nov 2017