This Week’s Holy Slogan is ‘Don’t be Afraid!’
(Luke 1:26-38)
“Do not be afraid” is repeated more often than any commandment in the Bible. Time and time again God’s people need to hear him say “Do not be afraid,” and these days are no different. We find all kinds of reasons to be afraid but there are at least three very powerful reasons not to be afraid that should override any of our reasons for fear.

These three reasons not to be afraid are found in the Angel’s message to Mary, and through faith in Jesus we can receive these as our very own reasons not to be afraid. First, the angel says to Mary “God is with you”. Through faith in Jesus we can know the peace that comes with the presence of God. Second, the angel tells Mary that her son Jesus will be the ruler and protector of God’s people forever, “and of his kingdom there shall be no end.” And thirdly, when we fear we face impossible odds we can hear the angel say to us as he said to Mary “nothing is impossible with God.”

I hope you can join on this, the 3rd Sunday of Advent as we learn more about how we can trade in our fear for faith.


Weekly News 14 Dec 2017