Everywhere we go this time of year we see holiday slogans on banners, signs, coffee cups and cards offering “Seasons Greetings,” and “#WarmWishes” and telling us to be “merry” and “jolly.” All of this is fine, but surely there’s more to this time of year than these slogans can really say.

For Christians this time of year is meant to inspire us to get ready to welcome Jesus and his kingdom, but most holiday slogans don’t inspire. At best they kind of just pacify.  That’s why this Advent we are going to look at some very different slogans. I’m calling them “Holy Slogans.”

These Holy Slogans are words that have come to us from the Scriptures, that is from Jesus and the prophets and from the story of Jesus’ life. My prayer is that as we explore God’s message to us in these Holy Slogans that they will inspire and encourage us as we look forward, not merely to Christmas, but to everything that God has in store for us in this life, and in the life to come.

This week’s Holy Slogan is ‘Keep Awake!’

(Mark 13:24-37)

Things can happen very suddenly in this life and people of faith can very quickly find their faith put to the test. But it’s also true that God often acts when we least expect it, not to test our faith, but to confirm it and to vindicate our hope in ways that we may have never anticipated.

Jesus says, “Keep awake, for you do not know when the master will come.” He wants his followers to be ready for the unexpected and not to miss out on the ways that God will finally confirm their faith and vindicate their hope in him.



Weekly News Dec 03, 2017